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Soundtrack iz filma "Trolls"

Razni izvođači

About album

Soundtrack iz filma "Trolls" je najavljen sjajnom pjesmom Justina Timberlakea, "Can´t Stop The Feeling" . Uz nju, na soundtracku su još sljedeće pjesme:

1) Hair Up **


3) Move Your Feet / D.A.N.C.E. / It’s A Sunshine Day

4) Get Back Up Again **

5) The Sound Of Silence

6) Hello

7) I’m Coming Out / Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

8) They Don’t Know **

9) True Colors (Film Version)

10) CAN’T STOP THE FEELING! (Film Version) **

11) September

12) What U Workin’ With? **

13) True Colors

** pjesme napisane posebno za film.

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About artist

Razni izvođači

Publisher Sony Music/Menart Release date 30.09.2016.
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